About Ytago

About Ytago

Who are we?

Our team united over the idea of empowering women all around the world. We give tips and advice on beauty and lifestyle-related topics. What has to be unique about us is 0 toxicity that, unfortunately, has been spread in every platform that is women-targeted. We only give advice on the topics that we personally have tried or is scientifically proven to be healthy.

What do we focus on?

Right now, our main focus is on intermittent fasting and the science behind it. We also review beauty products and some of the most popular work-out challenges, which has to be very helpful before taking on a program.

intermitten fasting eating
About Ytago: What you need to know about us

What is our mission?

Our mission is to break some stereotypes about beauty standards in society, which causes toxic environment and puts pressure on women of all nationalities and ages. We believe, that being healthy is the most important, which involves well-planned nutrition and a healthy amount of physical activity. Our web-site talks about these topics, give advice, and breaks stereotypes.

are intermittent diets healthy?
One of our most popular topics is intermittent diets

What is our goal?

Our goal is to reach out to more women all around the world, to share our knowledge and experience with them, to have direct conversations and exchange our ideas.

Where should I follow Ytago?

You can find us on Facebook.

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