ZURA Crystal Elixir Bottles – Get 10% Off Your First Order!

ZURA Crystal Elixir Bottles – Get 10% Off Your First Order!

In this latest video of the Product Review Guru’s, Natali and Melody will be unboxing one of this year’s hottest products to hit the healing crystals market – Crystal Elixir Water Bottles by Zura. After completely selling out all available inventory following Zura’s initial product launch these amazing Crystal Elixer Water Bottles are finally back in stock. Be sure to get yours while supplies last. These Crystal Elixir Water Bottles will sell out fast.

Don’t forget to watch the entire video to learn more about the crystals, cleaning & care instructions, sources of the crystals, as well as a special discount pricing available only for our viewers.

***Get 10% Off your order on Amazon when you use code KK8WOARR at checkout: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07HZ4N7TW


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