10 reasons why water is good for you | health facts about water

10 reasons why water is good for you | health facts about water

Today we’ll be talking all about the benefits of water!

health facts about water
There are many benefits of drinking water

The human body weight is about 60% water and drinking water is one of the most important things for keeping our body healthy.

We hear about water in almost every article regarding weight loss and health and yet, most of us STILL refuse to drink as much of it as our body needs.

Today we’ll be talking about exactly why is water so important for us and why we should be drinking it more every day!

reasons why water is good for you

What happens if we don’t drink enough water? 

Before we start talking about the benefits of staying hydrated, let’s first talk about the bad effects of being dehydrated are.

Dehydration means that your body is losing more fluids than you’re taking in. At first, we may not really notice the bad symptoms of not having enough water intake, but soon these small symptoms start to appear. 

These symptoms may include:

  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Dry skin and eyes
  • Bad breath and more

To fix these problems, we have to drink at least 2.7 liters of water every day!

It’s a fact that may impact your life! But what are other health benefits of drinking water?

Reason #1: Helps with physical performance

helps with physical performance
Bring a water bottle with you everywhere you go

Whenever you’re exercising, it is important to drink water frequently to help replace the lost liquids due to sweating.

This will not only help your body cool down from the tiring workout but also help the cells maintain the balance of fluids which will prevent fatigue! 

Reason #2: It gives us energy 

gives us energy! Stay active with your friends!
Stay active with your friends! There are plenty of health benefits drinking water instead of sports drinks

Lots of studies show, that dehydration causes our body to feel more tired and unmotivated. If you’re getting enough rest and yet still struggle with everyday tasks, then this may be caused by not drinking enough water.

Try gradually increasing water intake to help boost your energy levels and daily performance by having a bottle of water beside you at all times.

Reason #3: helps with brain function

Drinking plenty of water is appetite suppressant
Drinking plenty of water is appetite suppressant, and your product development will grow!

Our brains are almost 75% water and it needs to stay constantly hydrated to function more efficiently!

Studies show that a lot of times dehydration causes us to be more sensitive to the pain, less focused, angry, tired, and confused.

Drinking water not only helps your brain work quicker, but it also helps with your mood, memory, and attention span!

Reason #4: Helps with weight loss

water helps you to not become fat
 Your digestive system needs water! Weight loss issues may be a result of not enough fluid intake.

Not drinking enough fluids will make you crave even more food resulting in weight gain. It also slows down metabolism further causing more weight gain, so if you’re trying to lose weight, then you should consider drinking more h2o!

Yeah, water can help most issues with your body!

Staying hydrated is also a great way to control your calorie intake since the more water you drink the fewer cravings you have for unhealthy food.

Drinking 2 cups of water before you eat may help curb your hunger and appetite.

If you want to know more about weight loss then check out the article HERE

Reason #5: Treats headaches

When you study, you should drink more water
Is water good for you when you study?

If you’re experiencing frequent headaches, then you should consider that this problem might be caused by dehydration. This is the most popular cause of headaches and it’s very frequent in athletes since they tend to be more active and lose more fluids.

Maybe you have had experiences with dizziness when not drinking enough water?

Dehydration makes your blood thicker and harder to transfer through your body, due to this your brain receives less oxygen which leads to migraines. 

Reason #6: Is your best friend during hangovers

What to do after drinking alcohol?
What to do after drinking alcohol?

Alcohol dehydrates your body of its needed fuels and causes horrible headaches. And as we said earlier, water is one of the best ways to treat headaches.

Next time you go out drinking, remember to keep a huge glass of water next to your bed to help you get through the hangover a lot easier.

Reason #7: Helps you prevent kidney stones

It's easy to be lazy and not have enough fluid intake.
It’s easy to be lazy and not have enough fluid intake.

Myth: People have wellness problems with their kidneys because they don’t exercise, are fat, and don’t drink much water!

Drinking plenty of water helps us get rid of kidney stones! Water dilutes minerals and salts that can concentrate in the kidneys to become stones.

Kidneys help our bodies get rid of toxins and it needs water to function. Without enough fluid intake, our kidneys can’t work as well and all the toxins build up!

If you’re considering some kinds of cleanses, then just drink more water instead!

Indeed, issues with urine is an indicator of health. Frequent urination can indicate a more serious condition of your body.

Drinking more water will also help women avoid urinary tract infections (UTIs) and bladder infections, according to generations of women and now a study in JAMA. drink plenty of fluids, particularly water – so that you regularly pee during the day and do not feel thirsty.

Rest and drink enough fluids so you pass pale urine regularly during the day, especially during hot weather.

Reason #8: It’s the key to good skin

Skin improvement is actually one of the biggest reasons to drink water. At first, I thought it was just a made-up myth and wouldn’t work at all but ever since I started actually drinking more water my skin has never felt better!

Water helps your skin feel softer and youthful, it not only prevents and treats acne but also helps prevent premature aging and wrinkles!

Reason #9: Helps prevent bad breath

Healthy Nutrition for Healthy Teeth
Healthy Nutrition for Healthy Teeth: Water is great for reducing your calories but also for your mouth hygiene.

One of the advantages of water is its effect on your breath! Bad breath is usually a sign of dehydration!

Regularly drinking water helps to get rid of oral bacteria and leftover food particles that may cause bad breath! 

Water can help a lot! It’s like free medicine to the people from our nature. You may save expensive dentist bills thanks to the water you drink!

Reason #10: Water boosts your overall health and wellness

Water is essential for us people.
Water is essential for us people.

One of the biggest hydration benefits is its effect on your health. We’ve all from our parents or grandparents about how we should be drinking more fluids whenever we’re sick and they are totally right!

Water boosts our immune system and helps us get through flues a lot easier. As we said earlier, water also helps us flush out toxins from our bodies and increases blood flow. 

Another interesting research: Patients who suffer from autonomic nervous system failure can turn to a new treatment for their blood pressure abnormalities: a large glass of water. 

“Water is not just a neutral substance, and it cannot be considered a ‘placebo’ with regards to blood pressure”  

Dr. John R. Shannon, instructor of Medicine and Pharmacology, according to Science Daily.

How much water should I drink?

We know, always hearing about how drinking water fixes all the problems may be tiring already, but what’s true is true! Our body NEEDS water to stay strong, healthy, and beautiful!

Drink lots of water! Check out this water intake calculator based on your body weight to find how many cups of water you need to drink every day. You will see the result in cups, ounces, liters and pints, and glasses of water..

There may be some water content in food as well, but don’t count that as fluid intake.

water intake calculator
An easy way to find your daily water intake is to use this calculator.

After using this fluid intake calculator, I guess you have realized: It’s not much water in just one glass! The conclusion is simple. Try to drink some more glasses of water! If you want to know more about health and lifestyle, then be sure to check out our other articles on Ytago!

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