Which tea is best for you? Find out the best tea benefits!

Which tea is best for you? Find out the best tea benefits!

To calm you down, nothing feels better than a cup of hot tea. But with so many different types promising health benefits, which one should you choose? Which tea is best for you? Is herbal tea good for you? Yes for sure, we know herbal tea has lots of wonderful health benefits. But still there is a jungle of different teas to choose from.

Which tea is best for you?

We know it is not easy. That is why we have made this little Tea Guide for you. The benefits of regular tea are limited if you don’t drink the good ones, the healthy ones you really need.

Best for skin?

White tea  — has the highest levels of antioxidants, which protect against harmful free radicals. In addition to aiding weight loss and helping in the treatment of diabetes, white tea is beneficial in numerous ways. These include improving skin and hair health, treating acne, helping treat cancer, reducing inflammation, improving the health of liver and kidneys, maintaining reproductive health, keeping the heart healthy, enhancing memory, energy, and alertness, supporting the treatment of hypothyroidism, and improving oral health. White tea during pregnancy is also believed to be very helpful.

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Which tea is best for youBests for teeth?

Both Oolong and green tea protect teeth from acid produced by certain bacteria. The production of acid and the growth of bacteria are both inhibited by oolong tea, which means it is effective in preventing tooth decay and build-up plaque.

Best for energy?

Food is of course the basic source for energy. The human body utilizes food for daily activities such as in work . Eating balanced form of food is essential for our body. Roibos tea contains all the minerals and nutrients in proper amount. It boosts energy, alertness, mental acuity, and feelings of aliveness. Rooibos tea is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, both of which support cell health in the human body. Known for its mild flavor and aromatic taste, this tea is often used as a health supplement as well as a refreshment.

Best for high blood sugar and prevent diabetes

The Chamomile tea helps reduce changes in sugar levels suffered by people with diabetes. Therefore, it is important that you take a cup of chamomile as it also helps prevent problems that might arise from this disease. According to Japanese researchers, ‘daily consumption of chamomile tea with meals could contribute to the prevention of the progress of hyperglycemia and diabetic complications’. As well as cutting blood-sugar levels, it appears chemicals in chamomile block activity of an enzyme associated with the development of diabetic eye and nerve damage.





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  1. Althoug I prefer coffee in the morning, I try to change my habits and drink more tea than coffee nowadays…

    1. I always drink tea in the morning. I feel much better after I replaced my coffee with tea!

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