What The Color of Your Urine Says About Your Health

What The Color of Your Urine Says About Your Health

The color of human urine has been very useful in diagnosing diseases for centuries, since changes in our urine’s color, density, or odor, may indicate that something isn’t right with our body.

Every day, we expel tons of residue through our urine that comes from what we eat and drink. However, urine can also be used to alert us to a health problem, since it changes color and odor whenever something isn’t right.

When you’re healthy, your urine is yellow, almost transparent. Its characteristic color comes from a pigment called urobilin. Our normal urine transports these urobilins which are diluted in water and give our urine this yellow, almost see-through color. That indicates an adequate level of hydration. If our urine’s color gets more intense, it might mean we’re dehydrated.

However, if your urine is too clear, and you constantly feel the need to urinate, it might be water intoxication, or hyper hydration. That happens when a person drinks too much water.

Your urine could also be other colors. Here is what they could indicate about your health:

1. Dark yellow urine
2. Orange urine
3. Red or pink urine
4. Blue urine
5. Green urine
6. Brown urine
7. Whitish urine

There are also a few other changes in our urine that we should know about:

– Foamy urine
– Strong smelling urine

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