What is Horizontal Tea Tasting?

What is Horizontal Tea Tasting?

In this video we explain the concept of Horizontal Tea Tasting and introduce our Mei Leaf Tea Tasting Flight Boxes.

These are all very limited edition boxes containing a selection of top drawer tea.

White Tea Flight: https://meileaf.com/p/gft-wtfc
Green Tea Flight: https://meileaf.com/p/gft-gtfc
Oolong Tea Flight: https://meileaf.com/p/gft-otfc
Black Tea Flight: https://meileaf.com/p/gft-btfc
PuErh Tea Flight: https://meileaf.com/p/gft-ptfc
Mei Leaf Flight: https://meileaf.com/p/gft-mlsc

Silver Needle: https://youtu.be/AdIKs7ofcCA
Jade Star II: https://youtu.be/QPEwyzEGSwc
Ten Step Tasting: https://youtu.be/o4knVdPFQko


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