We Tried Following a NikkieTutorials Halloween Makeup Tutorial (Beauty Break)

We Tried Following a NikkieTutorials Halloween Makeup Tutorial (Beauty Break)

To get Halloween-ready, we tried following a NikkieTutorials makeup tutorial that puts your eye makeup…upside down?? *cue Stranger Things music*

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Welcome back to BOOOOO-TY Break!! Today things are getting spooky because we’re attempting yet again to follow and recreate an actual beauty guru’s Halloween makeup look. Today’s challenge: NikkieTutorial’s “Reversed Flipped Upside Down Eye” where you put on all your makeup backwards to create a horrific masterpiece. Maaaaaaybe we should leave the Upside Down to Nikkie and the demogorgons…

Flip your phone & tell us how we did in the comments (and what other makeup challenges you want to see us try!!!)

Makeup tutorial & inspiration by…
NikkieTutorials Reverse Upside Down Makeup Tutorial – https://youtu.be/58t2EOouEo4
Nicole E. Tait – https://www.instagram.com/nicoleetait/
Trevor J. Barrett – https://www.instagram.com/trevor.j.barrett

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