Trying Foods from Marvel Movies! (Cheat Day)

Trying Foods from Marvel Movies! (Cheat Day)

Nothing brings The Avengers together quite like defeating Thanos and going out for some shawarma after a long day of saving the world. That’s right Clevver fam, we’re diving deep into the MCU and trying some of the series’ most iconic foods, as well as few custom items inspired by the movies. Here’s hoping at least one of these gives us super powers.

Are you seeing Spider-Man: Far From Home this week?? On a scale of 1 to Tom Holland in the trailer – how hard will you ugly cry??

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Here’s What We Tried ►►
Vibranium Inspired Cocktail – Black Panther
Frozen Capsicle Cocktail – Captain America: The First Avenger
Churros – Spider-Man: Homecoming
Thor’s Hammers – Thor
Randy’s Donuts – Iron Man 2
Baskin Robins Mango Fruit Blast – Ant-Man
Shawarma – The Avengers

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