The Art of Fermenting Tea

The Art of Fermenting Tea

Cooked or Ripe PuErh is a fermented tea with a wild diversity of bacteria and mycelium activity. Studies have found that PuErh can contain about 390 different strains of fungi and 600 types of bacteria.

Fermented foods and drink are traditionally part of most cultures. As we improve our understanding of our symbiotic relationship with micro-organisms and the importance of our microbiome, modern culture is understanding the wisdom of consuming these foods.

However, due to the relatively wild way of fermenting these teas and the diversity of the micro-organisms out there, cooked PuErh quality is fundamentally reliant on the expertise of the tea factory. If they don’t do things right, the tea can easily encourage microbial activity which produces non-desirable tastes and in some cases low levels of toxins can be found in the tea.

In this video we talk about these issues and we release a cooked PuErh which has been crafted from picking all the way through the fermentation process by an expert in tea fermentation. The taste of the finished tea is noticeably crafted and we are so privileged to offer you all the After Party Enchanter to enjoy yourself.

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