Testing Weird “As Seen On TV” Products! (Beauty Break)

Testing Weird “As Seen On TV” Products! (Beauty Break)

We’re getting back to our roots on Beauty Break and diving into more As Seen On TV products including pain relief spray, weird hair removal tools, and…. fake teeth?

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What As Seen On TV product have you always wanted to try? Let us know in the comments!

What we tried ►►
Pain Spray- https://fave.co/2jG6Ezw
Magnetic Lashes- https://fave.co/2LQYkIW
Finishing Touch Shaver -https://fave.co/2JyeeGt
Facial hair Remover – https://fave.co/30A7qNZ
Finishing Touch Round Hair Remover- https://fave.co/2l5bqqu
Hair Chalk- https://fave.co/2LSAnAD
Fake Teeth- https://fave.co/2Jvodw0
Spray Nail Polish- https://fave.co/2jDmwml
Pain Relief Wrap- https://fave.co/2LOqBQ8

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