Testing Eco Friendly Beauty Products! (Beauty Break)

Testing Eco Friendly Beauty Products! (Beauty Break)

In an effort to be kind to Mother Earth we are trying Eco Friendly Beauty items!
We Tried Fashion Nova Jumpsuits & Rompers! ►► http://bit.ly/2GSaDRq
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Since we aren’t experts we used a lot of internet on this one — here are links to people and places that know even more:

►If you want an easy way to shop for eco-friendly beauty items go to http://www.credobeauty.com, they constantly update a curated list and break down all the info you could need.

►If you prefer to do the research yourself check out these ways to tell if a product is really eco-friendly: https://wasteadvantagemag.com/5-ways-to-tell-if-a-product-is-really-eco-friendly/

►Here are some tips on how to choose eco-friendly makeup brushes and why “cruelty-free” makeup brushes may still be harmful – https://ethicalelephant.com/eco-friendly-vegan-makeup-brushes/

What we tried ►► (We bought as many items in person as possible for this episode to reduce shipment waste!)
Kjaer Weiss Mascara http://bit.ly/2UKdeoP
Makeup Eraser https://amzn.to/399b7ia
Besame Lipstick https://fave.co/2S5pi1X
EcoTools Brushes https://fave.co/2viMxMX
Reusable Cotton Swab https://amzn.to/2SaC5Aq
Kosas Lip Oil Gloss https://fave.co/38adjpo
Juice Beauty Sunscreen https://fave.co/2SvCvjP
Biodegradable Floss https://amzn.to/2w1cnpl
Acure Dry Shampoo https://fave.co/2tHP8ji

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