Tea in Motion – The Beauty of Brewing (sequence 1)

Tea in Motion – The Beauty of Brewing (sequence 1)

In this series of ‘Tea in motion’ we celebrate the aesthetics of tea brewing. In our videos we talk a lot about how much we love tea and Gong Fu tea brewing. Sometimes though, we prefer to show the inherent beauty of tea without words.

No matter which is your favourite loose leaf tea, the experience is much richer when paying attention to the symbolic, textural, and visual aesthetics of the tea session. There is so much beauty in the detail that can often be missed when brewing without any mindful attention.

One of the purposes of tea is to bring you to the present through brewing and tasting. Not only will this focus result in tastier tea and a richer, more informing experience, it will bring a peaceful detachment from the whirlwind of thoughts which can dominate and enslave our minds.

This series has been created to shine a spotlight on these aesthetics to remind us all that tea should be about ‘being’ and through this purpose it can provide a refuge from all the noise inside and outside our heads.

We wish you all enjoyable and reverential tea sessions.

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