Reset your life | 10 interesting lifestyle changes to lose weight fast

Reset your life | 10 interesting lifestyle changes to lose weight fast

Today we’ll be talking about some interesting lifestyle changes to reset your life and lose weight fast!

In the current state of the pandemic and quarantine, most of us feel burnt out and unhappy with our looks. And one of the great ways to take control of this situation is to start clean and reset your body and mind.

Changing our lifestyle habits will not only make you happier, healthier, and boost weight loss, but will also help you with your self-love journey. So here are some of the small tips that will help you change your life and start on a clean slate!

reset your life
Reset your life – improve your lifestyle – and have more fun with your friends!

Fixing your diet

A bad diet can affect almost everything. Poor nutrition can ruin our skin, slow down weight loss, lead to tooth decay and intestinal and stomach issues. In order to reset your life it is important to have a good diet plan to lose weight and lead a healthy life.

There’s no need to change up your whole diet, but adding small, gradual changes will lead you to great success!  You can start up by gradually cutting out processed foods and instead try to eat more protein and fat, and less simple sugar.

Try adding more vegetables to your meals and Make sure to never skip your meals, since fasting will only make you weaker! It is recommended to avoid drinking alcohol since these things will only slow you down from reaching your goal.

Fixing your sleep schedule

sleeping is important for your body
Spend at least 8 hours in bed every day

It is important to get at least eight hours of sleep to lead a healthy life. We tend to neglect sleep to reach our goals, but in reality, sleep is one of the best shortcuts for fulfilling our desires!

Getting enough sleep will improve our memory, metabolism, energy, increase exercise performance, and boosts weight loss.

Unfortunately, a lot of us have trouble falling asleep, so here are some tips that may help you fix this problem:

  • Avoid napping during the day
  • Listen to calming music
  • Meditating, relaxing, and reading will help you wind down 
  • Avoid electronics before sleep
  • Avoid caffeine 

Exercising more

exercising and running give you lots of health benefits
Jogging and exercising give you plenty of great health benefits

As much as we don’t want to admit it, staying active and exercising has lots and lots of benefits! It not only helps you lose weight and get fit but also is a great stress reliever!

As someone who has somewhat of a distaste for exercising, it’s hard for me to not give up in the first five minutes of working out, but recently I’ve found great workout routines that will help keep the whole exercise fun and enjoyable.

You can start slow with workouts that only focus on one thing at a time, for example: losing belly fat, gaining strength, toning your legs, cardio to burn calories and lose weight, and more! Exercises like this will give you time to rest and help you gradually reach your goals!

You can check out our review of Chloe ting’s workout routine here:

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meditating  30 minutes every day - try to focus on breathing
Meditation is another great activity you can do for your body

A lot of us may laugh at the idea of meditating and think of it as a waste of time, but it actually has tons of health benefits!

Taking a 30-minute break from your everyday life and trying to focus on your breathing will help you relieve the stress that comes with a new lifestyle and better your mental health.

While meditating you can think of positive affirmations, to motivate yourself to keep going! If you have trouble focusing, or calming down, I would recommend trying some guided meditations with the help of professionals!

You can read more about the benefits of meditation here:


Check out Jessica Richburg’s video for a beginner friendly yoga class

If you get overwhelmed with regular exercises, you can try yoga! It’s a nice, calm way to keep your body strong and active!

A small 30-minute session will help you gain more strength, lose weight, tone your body, become flexible and get rid of any stress. 

Taking care of your physical health is important to lead a positive and refreshed life. Start with a light routine and gradually progress into harder ones!

Drink more water to boost your weight loss

drinking water is super important for every human being
Everyone should be much better on drinking water – it is a great substitute for all other drinks.

Water is a necessity for all of us, but unfortunately, most of us never drink enough. I, myself am a very forgetful person, so to keep myself hydrated, I make sure to have a glass of water near me at all times.

This way I’m always drinking water whenever I’m bored or just thirsty! Dehydration will not only slow our metabolism and interfere with weight loss, but it’ll also ruin your skin, make you weaker and less energized.

Water is also a great substitute for drinks that are high in sugar and calories. If you don’t like the taste of water, then you can add some lemon juice, cucumber, or various types of fruits to make it more delicious!

Check out 10 reasons why your body needs more water.

Try adopting more healthy habits

healthy habits - small details can change your life
Eating fish, taking the bike to work – all your every day actions count.

Adapting small, yet healthy habits are the best way to reset your life! These small, gradual changes will help you lose weight in a fun and non-stressful way.

Some of these habits may include stretching every morning, doing some light leg workouts while laying in the bed or being on the phone, walking outside every morning, making healthy meals yourself, and more!

Here are 8 healthy habits that you can easily adapt into your busy every-day life!


start writing a health journal
Start writing a health journal – to keep track of your activities and what you eat.

Journaling is the best way to clean your mind from all negative thoughts! It not only helps you become more creative but also helps you check up on your mental health and keep track of all the negative symptoms.

Journaling helps you set and achieve your plans and goals and can help you reset your life, keep track of your daily workout routine, water, and calorie intake. You can write down your feeling about your new journey and analyze what is good for you and what isn’t.


experiment with your body and try out new exercises and body tasks
Body experiments could be everything your normally don’t do with your body

To not get bored with your new lifestyle, you need to experiment as much as you can! This may include changing up your meal plan every week until you find one that is best for you, trying dance or yoga classes instead of regular workouts, trying some vegan or vegetarian food options, and more!

If you want to make it more fun, then you can ask your friends to join you on this new chapter of your life and share your experiences!

Just Start

meet your friends, and present your goals for them, and get motivated to take action
Meet your friends, and present your goals for them, and get motivated to take action

Deciding to reset your life may seem scary at first, but you’ll never know your true possibilities without starting. This is the hardest, yet the most crucial part of reaching your goals.

One of the things, that may help you with starting your wellness journey is to imagine yourself in the future, where you’ve already reached your goals. See how much happier and healthier you’ve become! This is one of the best tips that have helped me get a better lifestyle and hopefully will help you too!

If you’ve decided to start a weight loss journey and reset your life, hopefully, our tips will be beneficial to you! There are no set rules to resetting your life, so you should do whatever makes you happy.

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