Most Intense Acupuncture Treatment Ever?! (Beauty Trippin)

Most Intense Acupuncture Treatment Ever?! (Beauty Trippin)

And you thought traditional acupuncture needles were freaky? We tried the treatment with an ELECTRIFYING twist on the ancient Chinese therapy used for pain relief & relaxation – Electro Acupuncture!

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Beauty Trippin is BACK at Robert Youngs Acupuncture to introduce Naz to the wonders of acupuncture!! But today we’re not only human pincushions…we’re real life “Operation” too!!

“Electroacupuncture” (or electric acupuncture) uses all the same pressure points as traditional acupuncture while attaching the needles to a device that stimulates the points with electric pulses! SCIENCE! We tried it on a few problem areas – including back pain, indigestion, and migraines – to see how well it REALLY works…

Special thanks to Robert Youngs Acupuncture for this treatment!

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