6 interesting diet myths you need to forget before starting your weight loss journey

6 interesting diet myths you need to forget before starting your weight loss journey

Today we will be talking all about some diet myths!

The holiday season has just ended which means it’s time to stick to our new year’s resolutions and start 2021 with a healthier body and mindset!

Weight loss has not left the top place of being the most popular resolution, but sadly most of the time we try to reach our goals by using some fast-working, yet unhealthy ways which may have bad results on our bodies. So here are some diet myths that you should leave in the last year!

Diet myths that need to be forgotten

Myth #1: Carbs are bad for you

carbs and diet myths

We’ve all probably heard the myth about how carbs are unhealthy for you and lead to weight gain, but it’s not necessarily true. It much more depends on what kind of carbs you eat and the amount of it. So, it’s important to know exactly which carbohydrates are good for you and which are bad.

While trying for weight lossit’s recommended to avoid carbs like chips and pretzels, since they are stripped of fiber and some protein and instead make sure to lean towards foods that are higher in fiber, protein, and micronutrient content! Whole grains, beans, and whole-wheat bread are a great example of foods that are rich in fiber (with moderation of course)

Carbs are also a huge source of energy, which will be more than useful in the gym and your daily life and will help you reach long term goals!

Check out these recipes for foods that have higher fiber and protein content: Eatingwell.com

Myth #2: Counting calories help you lose weight

Watch this video for more in depth knowledge about counting calories!

One of the first diet myths you hear while trying to lose weight is that foods with fewer calories are the key to reaching your goals. Of course, watching the amount of food we consume is important, but the obsession that comes with counting calories daily may have more long term negative effects than positive ones.

Research shows that not all calories are the same and because of that, we never know exactly which kinds of calories we should cut back on. Most people don’t even do the appropriate research for their body type while trying to figure out what amount of calories they should consume, which leads to under-eating.

Myth #3: Starving is the best way to lose weight

starving diet myths

One of the most popular out of all diet myths is that starving is the best way to lose weight. Sadly, we’ve all tried this harmful trick in our lives and it’s time to stop! In reality, your body needs to eat food to live an energized and healthy life.

Undereating harms your health. Researchrelated to this subject shows, that starving not only makes you weaker but will most likely lead your body into a shock, which means that the next time you do eat, your body is likely to put on even more fat in the fear of not getting enough nutrients in the future.

Fact: Starvation has numerous negative effects on your health. They lead to:

  • Hair loss
  • Easy bruising
  • Dry and/or yellow-colored skin
  • Slow heart rate
  • Bloating
  • Disrupted menstrual cycles or no periods at all

Remember, health is more important than getting a dream figure, so if you notice any of these effects, make sure to get medical advice from your health care provider!

Myth #4: Eating after 6pm will make you gain weight

eating hours diet myths

This myth has been popular in our lives to this day. In reality, time does not affect your weight loss. Losing weight is all about being healthy and taking care of your body! Several types of research related to this topic show that your organism doesn’t care about what time of day you decide to eat your food. After a long, tiring day we all need a little snack, so don’t beat yourself over it. As long as you’re able to be active after eating, cut back on processed foods and keep a good, healthy diet, then you don’t have to worry about weight gain.

Myth #5: Going on a diet is necessary for losing weight

going on a diet myths
Going on a diet myths.

Most of the diets’ results are short-lived a lot of them cause a lot of harm to our bodies. Of course, having a good, healthy diet is important for weight loss but we should never take it to the point where these diets a negative effect on our health.

All these low-fat diets with little to no calories sound good in theory, but we shouldn’t also cut back on healthy fats and nutrients, since they are a huge source of energy for us. Low-fat foods also tend to be higher in sugar which is even worse than the foods we tend to avoid during these diets. Eating healthy is important, but we should also start adding small changes to our daily lives, like exercising, yoga, checking out the labels of the products we eat, working with our health care provider, and making sure that we get enough rest to keep us healthy and energized!

Myth #6 You can only eat certain kinds of food to burn fat and lose weight

diet myths and facts about healthy food and snacks
Certain kind of food is considered as healthy with natural fat content.

Many of us have heard the myth about how we need to avoid foods with high-calorie content, fat, sugar, and carbs, and instead switch to only low fat, greens with less sugar and calories.

Most of the time this myth makes foods that are rich in fat the enemy when in fact foods that have natural fat (like nuts and avocados) are really healthy for us and also reduce the risk of heart diseases.

Of course, cutting back on processed unhealthy food is important, but fad diets will get boring and won’t be that helpful in the long run. What you should do is to keep a healthy, balanced diet rich in all types of food.

Diet myths – summarized

Let us know what your thoughts are regarding these 6 diet myths in the comment section. You should only consider losing weight if you want it for your health and happiness.

If you decide to do so, it’s better to do it healthily. Hoping that you will keep in mind all our tips about the diet myths in your future weight loss journey! Make sure to get the latest health information right here on Ytago! We cover many interesting topics related to diets.

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