Five Ways Tea Makes you Happier

Five Ways Tea Makes you Happier

So, as we begin a New Year, these are my thoughts about happiness. Beyond all of the teas, teaware and videos, the ultimate aim of Mei Leaf is to use TRUE tea to contribute to TRUE happiness in our clients – separate from the superficial thrills of consumerism. This is at the heart of all that we strive to do.

Wishing you all a HAPPY 2018.

I do hope that this video will be taken in the right way. I am not attempting to force any philosophy on anyone and I have not academically studied philosophy. Feel free to add to the conversation on our social feeds and let’s all actively spread the word to bring more happiness to ourselves and all who surround us.

Article on study on happiness:


Happiness is the ultimate goal in life, we want it for ourselves and wish it for our loved ones. Yet, despite happiness being the universal aspiration we humans find it incredibly elusive.

Some people may say that happiness means different things to different people. I disagree. I think that the definition of happiness is the same for everyone but along the way we have all made things unnecessarily complicated and confusing. This is in part because the concept of happiness is so warped by those who wish to manipulate its definition in order to control your actions and take your money (because they are under the illusion that this will bring them happiness!) – You will be happy if you go on an expensive cruise, or buy those shoes or have 3 million followers on Instagram.

There is overwhelming evidence that none of these things actually lead to happiness. They may give the temporary thrill of accomplishment and there is nothing wrong with appreciating the beauty of an object or the exhilaration of a fresh experience but these will pass and more often than not you are left with another hole that you will tirelessly try to fill.

So, let’s try to push the reset button on all of these constructs and try to understand the definition of true happiness.



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