10 easy ways to boost weight loss

10 easy ways to boost weight loss

Today we’ll be talking all about some ways you can boost weight loss!

easy ways to boost weight loss
how to boost weight loss, enjoy exercising with friends
Enjoy exercising with friends

The long process of losing weight may be annoying, especially when you’re frozen in one place and can’t see any progress. Small obstacles like this are normal, but we have some ways you can help it! Here are some ways you can increase your metabolism!

What may affect our weight loss?

Before we start talking about some ways you can tackle this subject, let’s first find out what may be the causes of weight gain and a slower metabolism. 

Things like diet, age, weight, genetics, and lifestyle habits all have an effect on your weight gain and weight loss. There are some things you can’t control,(genetics, age) but you can always take control of your lifestyle choices, diet, and weight!

#1 Try to become more active

activity in groups
Exercising in groups motivate people to become more active

There’s a lot of us that may think that we can achieve our goals just by some restricted, non-fat, non-sugar diets, and because of that, we get our results way slower than we would like to.  Just small changes to your lifestyle will take you a long way!

Small steps that are great for metabolism

You can start up by taking stairs instead of the elevator, walking places instead of using your car, or taking a bus, doing light workouts in your free time, and more! Being energetic will not only help you increase metabolism and boost weight loss but has also been proven as one of the ways you can develop happy chemicals in your brain!

Check out some workouts that will help you keep an active lifestyle HERE

#2 Sleep for at least 8 hours

sleep for 8 hours a day is a good habit
A good night’s sleep is great for your body

I, just like any younger person take sleep for granted, when it has been proven to have tons and tons of health benefits.

Sleep is an important part of keeping your body healthy and properly functioning and it has been proven to increase your metabolism and boost weight loss!

Sleeping for at least 8 hours or more will help you burn more calories, increase your metabolic rate and boost your weight loss! 

Calm down before going to bed

But even after hearing all about the health benefits of sleep, some of us just find it hard to control our sleep hygiene.

I used to have a hard time with this too, but now I’ve found that drinking some warm beverage like tea, reading books, and taking a 30-min break from any electronics before going to bed has helped me calm down and fall asleep a lot easier!

#3 Keep your body hydrated 

water is good for your body
Drink more water every day

Water is one of the most important things our body needs and the lack of it shows itself in a lot of ways. Dry, sensitive, acne-prone skin, digestive problems, and weight gain can all be linked to dehydration.

How much water should I drink?

Try to drink about 2.7 liters of water a day to avoid all these problems and boost weight loss.

Read more about the benefits of drinking enough water here.

#4 Don’t starve yourself 

Check out this video to know more about the negative effects of starvation

This harmful eating habit will cause even more harm than good. A lot of us think that not eating = weight loss, but in reality weight loss caused by starving yourself will only last you for some short time.

Then your body goes into shock and your progress stops, and then even small meals will result in weight gain since your body is afraid of losing any more nutrients.

Which meals do I need?

Always make sure to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They should be full of much-needed nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, lipids (fat), minerals, and water! 

This way you’ll be able to boost your weight loss and lose weight in a lot more healthy, sustainable way!

#5 Try drinking green tea

green tea
Drinking tea is a great daily habit

If you’re trying to lose weight, then green tea will come in handy! Green tea is full of healthy nutrients and will help you lose weight AND reduce the risk of lots of diseases.

It’s known for helping boost metabolism, burn fat and improve brain function! I’ve found that drinking it every night before sleep without any sugar has helped me lose some weight and overall feel better about my health.

#6 Eat more spicy food

spicy food is good for your body
Spicy food is good for your body

Studies show that spicy foods like peppers, chili, and turmeric can increase your metabolism by up to 8% and even help you feel satisfied for longer than other kinds of foods! So the next time you make your daily meal, try adding some spice to it!

Check out some spicy food recipes here!

#7 Cut back on sugary drinks 

soda and sugary drinks
Avoid soda an unhealthy drinks

No matter how much we might love drinking some sugary drink after a stress-filled day, we have to admit that these kinds of drinks are not the best for our weight loss journey.

They have almost no value in terms of nutrition and even though they might taste great, they are bad for our overall health in the long run. Drinks that have this many calories are known to slow down our metabolic rates and cause lots and lots of weight gain.

Instead of sugary drinks, we recommend you to drink some herbal, green tea, and healthy smoothies!

#8 Reduce common stressors 

stressful life
Avoid stress in your life and feel much better

Stress is known for messing up your hormonal balance, which will cause you to crave even more food and gain weight in the long run. And what’s worse is that food that we crave during stress tends to be really bad for us.

We know, reducing stress is not as easy as it sounds, you can’t just quit your job and school every time you feel stressed, but there are ways that you can make it easier for you!

Spending time with your friends, family, and friends and engaging with your hobbies will help you take min off of things and replace the stress with happiness!

#9 Eat smaller meals during the day

eat smaller meals more often instead
Eat smaller meals more often instead

Eating more smaller meals every day will help you stay full throughout the day and keep your blood sugar levels high, which will help avoid insulin spikes.

I’ve tried almost every kind of diet and ways of eating and this one is the only one that has shown me long-term good effects! A diet like this has also been the least stressful for me since I no longer have to starve myself in order to lose weight!

How many meals should one meal contain?

It is recommended to keep your meals in between 300 calories since you don’t want to overeat during the day.

#10 Gain muscle mass

Check out MissFitandNerdy’s amazing video about gaining muscle mass!

One of the biggest things that affect your metabolism is your muscle mass. The more muscle you have on your body, the less fat and a higher metabolic rate!

Your body is constantly burning calories and with a bigger muscle mass, it will burn even more!

Best ways to lose weight and burn fat

The weight loss journey is never an easy and clean process and this may cause a lot of us to want to give up, but remember that nothing great ever comes easy!

Hopefully, these tips will help you lose weight, burn fat and increase your metabolism! for more tips about health and lifestyle check out our other articles on ytago!

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