I Tried Popular Dry Brushing For 2 Weeks And Here’s What Happened

I Tried Popular Dry Brushing For 2 Weeks And Here’s What Happened
Dry Brushing – Yay or Nay?
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I had been hearing about dry brushing and its benefits for the longest time and it got my attention, especially that the summer has set out I want to make my skin shining, shimmering, splendid (you know what I did there). After trying Chloe Ting’s popular workout program, I decided to give this dry brushing “challenge” a shot.

5 benefits of dry brushing

Here are some benefits of dry brushing:

#1 Better blood circulation

It enhances blood circulation and cleansing of the lymphatic system – You would be surprised if you found out how many toxins are in your body. We have to get rid of those, don’t we? Turns out, that dry brushing is the best for detoxing as you help your blood circulation towards your heart. Improved blood circulation=More efficient lymphatic system

#2 Cellulite enhancer

improve cellulites with dry brush

It can help reducing cellulite – There is nothing wrong with having cellulite, but some women including me are uncomfortable with it. To be honest, I started dry brushing mostly because of this reason so, stick around if you want to find out more about my personal results.

#3 Skin exfoliation

 skin exfoliation dry brush

It is great for skin exfoliation before you jump in the shower- your skin will get as smooth as silk.

#4 Digestion

Dry brushing enhances digestion – which means your metabolic system could get faster.

#5 Fat distribution

Promotes even fat distribution. Dry brushing can help you to achieve a better balance.

If anything, dry brushing encourages you to take a moment and focus on your body. Even if aesthetically there’s no life-changing improvement, feeling good about the body you live in is always a goal worth achieving.

Step by Step guide Dry Skin Brushing

And there are much more benefits that you could get from dry brushing!

My personal experience with dry brushing

Now, Let’s talk about my personal experience with dry brushing.

As soon as I decided to try it out I found this brush that I ordered for the cheapest price possible and started out my journey from there.

First of all, I did some research on what kind of motions we need to make with rough brush on our skin: You always need to brush your skin towards your heart to keep the blood flowing, which is the main idea of dry brushing in general.

I decided to focus more on my problematic areas (on my glutes and thighs) so, spent more time on them as cellulite has settled in. I also dry brushed before taking a shower and I recommend you doing the same.

Day 1…

On the first day of dry brushing my skin really felt it- redness and dead skin were there without a doubt. I could see the difference on my skin immediately- it felt as soft as it has never been before and I could definitely feel something going on inside of my problematic areas (glutes and thighs) as if someone professionally massaged my skin.

I dry brushed every other day. After 5 days or so my body felt as if I had been exercising daily (when I was not), my skin felt incredibly tight and I was honestly positively surprised! It made my family members start their dry brushing experience too.

After one week…

After a week had gone dry brushing was like a routine for me, I could definitely see some differences on my skin and it doubled my motivation.

Another amazing results from Lauren Colvin

I kept an eye on the scale too- just out of my curiosity. With my hypothesis, dry brushing could have made my metabolic system faster and it actually worked- I had lost around 500 grams without changing anything in my lifestyle (besides adding dry brushing to it).

After 2 weeks…

After 2 weeks had passed by my results were visible- First of all, less cellulite- 2 weeks is not that big period of time to expect something magical to happen, but my cellulite got less visible and that is for sure. If it only took 2 weeks to lessen my cellulite, just imagine what can your results be on the long run!

Softer skin and better mood

Soft skin is another amazing benefit, my skin has never been this good looking before. I can also feel my blood flowing in my body better than ever, I am always super energized and my mood has even gotten better.

Dry brushing summarized

I just loved this experience so much that I kept dry brushing in my routine and I don’t think I am ever going to expel it from my lifestyle. I would highly recommend you trying it too! Share your experience with us!

Dry-brushing is one of those rare things that feels just as good when you do it yourself as when someone else does it to you, and it’s incredibly easy to incorporate into your routine.

How to dry brush and why is it so potent?

Dry Skin Brushing: What Is It & How To Do It

You can do this dry brushing massage on yourself!
Soften your skin, reduce cellulite, and help your body detox all by dry brushing your skin daily. Here I show you my “dry skin brushing” routine from start to finish, which I do each day before I take a shower.

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