Do intentions create resistance? Subscriber Question

Do intentions create resistance? Subscriber Question

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What we resist persists. ” the more he tried to push against resistance trying to fix it getting it the way he wants it, the more it would increase ” that is exactly true. The only way we can change something that we don’t like is to accept that we created it, and then change our thoughts from there. Here is an example: I have the thought that my boyfriend doesn’t want to be in a committed relationship with me.. I ask him why not and attempt to convince him to commit to me. He will just resist and that would push him away because thoughts create and my thought is that he doesn’t want to commit. Now if at that point, I turn around and dump him until he commits to me, then he will never come back because I am resisting what I have created. I have to accept what I create and say “it is ok, I accept that you are not ready for a commitment and then at that point (and here is the important part) change my thought of him not wanting to be in a relationship to him being ready for a committed relationship with me. However, focusing on what you want, will never create resistance.. only thinking negativity will cause resistance as resistance is merely just thoughts. Nothing more.

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