Chloe Ting’s Review | 2 Week Abs Challenge Results

Chloe Ting’s Review | 2 Week Abs Challenge Results
I decided to write Chloe Ting’s review on 2 week abs workout challenge, as it is a trend nowadays.
Chloe ting's review

After the world has gone in a quarantine regime, almost everybody decided to pick up new hobbies including exercising; I get the idea, why we should not try be healthier and better versions of ourselves?

After being on Youtube for too long, I got familiar with Chloe Ting: she is a fitness enthusiast Youtuber that publishes mainly fitness content. She posts different workout videos and programs – all for free (which is the best part of it)!

After watching several videos of amazing results of 2 week abs workout challenge, I decided to test it on my own for understanding what the whole hype was all about; That’s why I’m writing Chloe Ting’s review.

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Spoiler: It worked.

Before quarantine days I would walk everyday at least 5 kms, used to live a fairly active lifestyle but then as the world turned upside down, so did my lifestyle: I was stuck at home 24/7. It is not unnatural that I wanted to keep my body moving so Chloe Ting’s 2 week abs workout challenge looked like a silver lining to me.

How Did The Challenge Go?

First of all, I want to start by saying that I usually would not recommend anything to anyone, unless I am sure that it works, so this Chloe Ting’s review is 100% accurate. I am that kind of person that would work the hardest but get the minimum amount as a result when it comes to my body. I started off the challenge by measuring my waist which turned out to be 73 centimetres.

The first few days of the workout was the hardest- as usual. I would wake up sore every morning, but after the third day this soreness became less and less each day until it was gone. This was all worth it as I felt my body getting leaner and stronger everyday: If I needed to stop at least for 5 times before, after several days I was going strong without stopping through the workout. Besides, my posture was getting much better everyday!

I am sure you will ask- did you change your diet? Not at all; I carried on with the same “diet” I always try to stick to, which is intermittent fasting and eating in moderation. I did not go crazy with my eating at all, and my advice would be, neither should you. These workouts might seem short, but they all are highly intense, you DO need energy while doing those; Please, do not go on a crash diet, it might turn out really badly for you.

When my second week of Chloe Ting’s 2 week abs challenge took on, I felt super strong: as the workout consist some of the hardest exercises like “Up & Down Planks” and “Planks with Hip Dips” I could not do them properly the first week but.. let me tell you, the second week felt fantastic, my arms got so strong that those planks were not a challenge for me anymore!

Did It Actually Work?

Even though the challenge is called “2 week abs challenge” the change is visible on the whole body and not just your abs: your arms and legs will be visibly more toned and stronger as well.

I did not incorporate any other workout rather than the challenge itself- it is important to say.

After 2 sweaty and energetic weeks had passed I measured myself again, I was too surprised, but my waist was 68 centimetres! I lost total of 5 centimetres in 2 weeks which is amazing in my opinion. I am super pleased with the results and of course I would recommend this challenge to anyone! This is exactly why I’m writing Chloe Ting’s review on this challenge!

Besides losing centimetres, my abs became very visible, my arms and legs got super toned- I got everything that I could have wished for.

Spending 20-ish minutes a day on a workout is not much as you are getting sculpted body afterwards. Of course, these 2 weeks are not enough to stay in shape forever and you should stay active afterwards as well.

I hope that my Chloe Ting’s review on 2 week abs challenge was helpful for you, as it would help me if I were starting it now.

To sum up my article, here is little FAQ:

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