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At Home Intense 10 Min Ab Workout || No Equipment, All Abilities

Workout with me! Get yours abs fired up in this 10 minute workout you can do anywhere in your room, at home or if you’re travelling!

I do one exercise for 30s before going straight into another exercise. Give yourself no rest in between and it’s all over in 10minutes!

Here’s a list of the exercises:

-Elbow to knees
-Dead Bug
-Arm/Leg Raises with Elbow to Knee Touch
-Climber Taps
-Side Plank
-Side Plank other side
-Ab Scissors
-Reverse Crunch with Scissor
-Reverse Plank
-Front Plank
-Spider Man Plank
-Oblique Crunches
-Oblique Crunches other side
-Reverse Crunches
-Toe Touches
-Bicycle Kicks
-Sitting Crunches
-Lying Crunch plus V-up
-Alternating Elbow to Knee


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