What are the benefits of yoga? 9 reasons why your body needs yoga

What are the benefits of yoga? 9 reasons why your body needs yoga

Today we’ll be talking about yoga! There are plenty of health benefits of yoga for your body! I will present 9 great reasons you should try yoga!

Is yoga really beneficial for your body and mind?
Is yoga really beneficial for your body and mind?
benefits of yoga
Yoga health benefits for your body.

Whenever we talk about changing our lifestyle for the better, the conversation about yoga always comes up.

Yoga is always associated with a healthy body and mind, but why is that? Today we will talk all about the benefits of yoga and why it might help you become healthier and happier!

Reason #1: Yoga helps you improve your flexibility

yoga is great for your body
These yoga poses improve your health benefits.

Before I started yoga, I was deathly afraid of it… Mostly because whenever we see it on tv, it’s usually shown as some guy doing rather not so comfortable looking positions that might result in some injury… But in reality, yoga for beginners is pretty easy to follow!

It all starts with light stretching, which helps change the water content in muscles, tendons, and ligaments and makes them more elastic and it also improves the pain tolerance that comes with stretching your body.

Afterwards you can thanks your yoga workout for your improved flexibility and core strength!

A health study from National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI confirms how your body will get increased flexibility by doing yoga poses :

Results suggest that regular yoga practice may increase the flexibility and balance as well as whole-body measures of male college athletes and therefore, may enhance athletic performances that require these characteristics.

With clearer evidence of its benefits, coaches, and athletes may better see that yoga has a role in optimizing performance. The aim of this study was to determine the impact of yoga on male college athletes.

Doing the right yoga breathing exercises, you may also take advantage of improved sleep quality

Reason #2: Yoga is a great way to relieve stress

Another great yoga pose. Check out this great video that will help you relieve stress!

Are you looking for an effective way to achieve stress reduction? Yoga is not only good for your body but also your brain! A 3-minute yoga session a day will help you calm down, relieve built-up stress, and feel more refreshed!

Over 85% said yoga helped reduce stress, according to a study in an American survey.

A study done by the Oxford university shows, that people that tried yoga even once a week felt more alert, had less stress and slept better at night! Personally, after starting yoga classes I’ve noticed that I’m a lot more relaxed and less anxious than before.

Over 55% of yoga practitioners report improved sleep. Many studies demonstrate that yoga can improve sleep for a variety of different populations.

Yoga has been shown to help benefit all age ranges and improve sleep, according to researchers at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

We recommend trying different types of meditation techniques while also doing yoga to see what fits your needs!

Reason #3: Yoga is great for your heart health

yoga could be a social activity
Yoga benefits: reduces high blood pressure and keeps your heart healthy.

Yoga has a great effect on your heart! Doing breathing exercises help lower your blood pressure, blood cholesterol levels, relieve stress and inflammation, resulting in healthier hearts! Studies also show that practicing yoga at least once a week has helped reduce atrial fibrillation episodes in patients with that condition. 

Yoga gets your blood flowing! It boosts our hemoglobin, red blood cell levels, which helps carry oxygen to the tissues and cuts the level of clot-promoting proteins in the blood, resulting in a decreased level of heart attacks!

A health study from Johns Hopkins Medicine confirms how great yoga is for your heart rate:

One study has shown that blood measurements and waist circumference—a marker for heart disease—improved in middle-aged adults with metabolic syndrome who practiced yoga for three months.

Another study has shown that slow-paced yoga classes twice a week reduced the frequency of atrial fibrillation episodes in patients with that condition.

In another report, patients with heart failure who went through an eight-week yoga program showed improvement in exercise capacity and quality of life. They also had lower blood levels of markers for inflammation, which contributes to heart disease.

Health information about hearth health on your body from John Hopkins Medicine.

Reason #4: Helps boost weight loss

yoga is great for your reducing your body weight
Yoga can be used for way more than just an exercise program, it has so many benefits for your well being, like weight loss.

A regular yoga practice could also be used as a great weight loss program! Practicing yoga is also known to boost your metabolism for your body and burn fat, which is essential for losing weight!

Opting for some healthier foods and trying some intense yoga classes will help you reach your goal body in no time! Studies show that restorative yoga has helped overweight women lose weight faster.

Reason #5: Helps reduce pain

Check out this amazing yoga routine to help you with neck, shoulders and upper back pains

One of the best benefits of yoga is its ability to relieve pain! Whether you suffer from fibromyalgia, arthritis symptoms, or migraine headaches, yoga has been proven to effectively reduce pain from all these ailments.

Studies also show that out of all light intensity exercises, yoga has been the most effective in helping patients with muscle pains.

Reason #6: Improves strength

yoga is making your body more flexible
A regular yoga practice will improve your body strength

Practicing yoga helps build up your stamina and become stronger! Just like any other workout, taking a weekly yoga class will help you increase muscle strength, muscle tone and improve strength.

But what makes yoga different is that when you build strength with it, you also balance it with flexibility. In other kinds of workouts, building strength is at the expense of flexibility. Muscle mass also helps with back pain and protects us from arthritis.

Reason #7: Yoga practice improves posture

Check out this amazing video and find out how to improve your posture!

One of the great benefits of yoga is that it helps us exercise and gain strength in almost all of our muscles and this includes our back muscles too!

Doing yoga will help you strengthen your back muscles resulting in a better posture. Poor posture may result in neck and back pain, joint problems, and spinal issues so make sure to take good care of it!

Reason #8: Improves self-esteem

yoga is great for your body and mind
Practice yoga with friends and fitness experts and achieve a better mind body connection!

Yoga doesn’t only benefit your body, but also your mind. Practicing yoga has helped me appreciate my body for what it does for me. After some time of doing yoga, I’ve also noticed myself becoming more grateful and empathetic towards myself and others! 

One of the other helping factors was practicing it with other people! This is why taking yoga classes might be better than doing it alone. At the classes, you’ll meet people with the same goals and mindset as you! It’s a great way to make new friends, become motivated, and inspire others!

Reason #9: Boosts body awareness

there  are many benefits of yoga benefits combined with healthy meals
Practice yoga is great together with a good balance of the right eating habits.

Practicing yoga helps you become more aware of your body’s needs and what you need to feel better. After some time body awareness will help you add some subtle changes to your lifestyle, diet, and exercise that will help you feel more comfortable in your body.

Start doing yoga today!

Are you too lazy to do yoga on your own? Join a group and get the motivation you need! There are plenty of yoga studios and gyms with their own yoga program. Having your own yoga instructor may help you to do the right poses and the right breathing exercises.

Hopefully, these reasons will help you become more motivated to try and see the awesome benefits of yoga for your body! There are tons of various kinds of yoga programs just waiting for you to try them! If you want to learn more about healthy lifestyles, diets, and exercises, learn how to reset your life and join our community!

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