45 Minute Yoga Class – Mudra Flow

45 Minute Yoga Class – Mudra Flow

This is a 45 Minute All-Levels Vinyasa class themed around 3 mudras: Prana (or Pran) Mudra, Ganesha Mudra, and Anjali Mudra. Mudras are hand gestures that help direct energy. Some people refer to mudras as the postures of the subtle body and they’re often used in meditation. The word mudra translates to “seal.”

Since we’re still in social-distancing mode, I don’t have students with me as I normally do so you get to watch me practice.

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If you’d like to join these classes live, I host weekly Facebook Live classes at http://Facebook.com/FloatingYogaSchool on Saturday mornings at 9am Pacific Time.

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