4 Reasons Why You Should Drink Green Tea Every Day

4 Reasons Why You Should Drink Green Tea Every Day

Do you guess what is the healthiest drink on the planet? Green tea, for sure, no discussion.  Green tea is more than just green liquid. We feel our main mission is to assure you why you should drink Green Tea every day. You may ask: Why? It is loaded with plenty of antioxidants and nutrients that your body needs. Your brain will work better, you will stay slimmer, the chance for cancer will be reduced, and that is just the beginning of the list. In thi article we are going to give you at Top 4 list today of reason why you should drink Green Tea every day. And these are not made up by us. They are confirmed by human research studies. So you should feel quite sure that you can rely on these facts.

4 Reasons Why You Should Drink Green Tea Every Day

Why you should drink Green Tea every day

Green tea contains so many important nutrients that are extremely powerful for your body. Among the strong antioxidants we want to mention the polyphenols like flavonoids and catechins. They can reduce the formation of free radicals in your body, protecting cells and molecules from damage. Lots of diseases may be avoided just by receiving these substances. Worth to mention is also the antioxidant Epigallocatechin Gallate, which has really powerful medicinal properties.

Good for your brain

Did you know this drink even can make you smarter? Well it contains a moderate level of caffeine. It may improve various aspects of your brain function, including improved mood, reaction time and memory. But the caffeine is not the main thing. You may have heard of the amino acid L-theanine? If you are anxious L-theanine is a must for your body. The combination of caffeine and L-theanine is great for your brain. And who doesn’t wan t to have a healthier brain?

Reduces the risk of cancer

The healthiest drink on the planet may have a protective effect against uncontrolled growth of cells. Thanks to the antioxidants in Green Tea, the chances to have Prostate cancer among men is almost reduced by 50%. Breast cancer, on the other side, among women are reduced by almost 25%. If you put milk in your tea, you reduce the antioxidant value, so stay away from milk and sugar if you can!

May improve the main risk for stroke and heart disease

Green tea may be the most powerful protector against cardiovascular diseases like stroke and heart disease. Did you know that people that drink green tea have 31% lower risk of cardiovascular diseases?

Live longer and die later

There has been a study among Japanese adults, those who drank 5 or more cups per day were significantly less likely to die. Especially death from stroke and heart disease: 35%/22% lower in men and 35/31% lower in women. The numbers should be reliable as this was a really big research with more than 40.000 people involved. If you want to have a good life until you die, Green Tea is the main drink for you!


Feel better and take care of your health. Nobody can do it for you, but you are responsible for having a long and good life yourself. Do you consider to lose weight and lower your risk of chronic diseases? Do you want your last years of your life to be as pleasant as possible? We may have found the key for a better life: Making Green tea an important part of your life may be the wisest decision you ever made.

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