30 Minute Yoga Flow – Prenatal Stretch

30 Minute Yoga Flow – Prenatal Stretch

This Prenatal Stretch class is designed to ease discomfort, create space, and connect to your body and baby. Feel free to practice this at any point in your pregnancy (or even when you’re not pregnant). Watch the Intro to Prenatal Yoga video before this – https://youtu.be/4vUZB9c7TNc

Leanne and I are in our 2nd and 3rd trimesters in this video, and as you can see our bodies look quite different, but we’re both able to practice in a way that makes sense and is comfortable for us. We use 2 cork blocks for this practice, feel free to use whatever you have available.

**Video gets a little blurry from autofocus toward the end (around min 26) but it fixes itself!

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