10+ Interesting Facts About Cellulite and How To Treat It At Home

10+ Interesting Facts About Cellulite and How To Treat It At Home

When we talk about cellulite, we always imagine the bad condition of skin. First of all, I want to start by saying that there is nothing wrong with having it, the most important thing is how comfortable you feel in your body, not how anybody thinks about you. If you love your body, do not let anybody tell you to do otherwise, but unfortunately, there are millions of women around the world that do not feel comfortable with this skin condition, and if you are one of them, then this article is for you and ultherapy brow lift costs in Los Angeles is also for you.


Orange Peel Skin

Cellulite is also known as orange-peel skin and it has been around for 2 centuries. We do not know a lot about it, but they say that we created them while inventing comfortable transportation, getting work done at the office, eating fast food, drinking, smoking and from this lifestyle our muscles became weaker and then they appear.

  • Cellulite does not come and go due to our weight gain/loss as it is common in skinny people too.
  • It practically does not develop in physically active people or athletes with balanced nutrition, but it is not proven scientifically.
  • It’s interesting what happens in your body while developing cellulite: it happens because of muscle atrophy which itself happens because of not being physically active. Weakened muscle creates a distance between skin and itself which develops uneven surface.
  • Besides being inactive, it develops because of aging too. The older we get, the lesser collagen we have and that is the main reason of the skin unevenness.

Why Is Cellulite Considered To Be “Bad”?

As most of the aesthetic problems, there had never been any conversations about getting rid of cellulite before one salon came up with the idea of “disappearing” them from women’s bodies. Before that, everybody thought that skin unevenness was a natural thing that women had, so that is why nobody saw it as a problem.

  • In old times, beauty was a privilege and a gift from the nature but, nowadays, the more money you have, the easier it gets to be more beautiful.
  • In 2014, just in France 22.8 million euros of anti-cellulite creams were sold.
  • There are tons of procedures that you can get for your uneven skin, but skin loves getting back to its natural form so they do not play that huge of a role.
  • If you love wearing skinny jeans and high heels, they make your metabolism slower under your skin and it becomes easier for your cellulite to develop.

Cellulite has its stages:

1. Your skin has even surface, but when you flex your muscle, unevenness becomes visible.

2. Whenever you grip your skin, cellulite becomes visible.

3. On the third stage cellulite is always visible, no matter what you are doing.

Unfortunately, creams do not get rid of cellulite permanently. Those creams just hide them.

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I want to talk about some of the ways to get rid of cellulite at home:

Change your lifestyle- the best treatment for everything. Balanced diet, healthy products and moderation.

Walk a lot, get physically active, jump and get your squats done!

Try dry brushing.

Turns out that coffee is the best for exfoliation, so I would recommend scrubbing your problematic areas with ground coffee.

For better result- after you get your exfoliation done, grab body cream or oil and massage your problematic areas but be careful, you can do any kind of movements with your hands unless you are hurting yourself.

DIY Coffee scrub

Also fun fact: tan makes your cellulite less visible too.

To be honest, cellulite is nothing but a result of our lifestyles and nobody really notices it apart from ourselves. Be healthy, take care of yourself and trust me, it will come back to you like a boomerang.

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